Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Is Fit?

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As a child/teen, I always thought that in order to be "fit" you had to look ripped, skinny, 6 foot and where fitness clothes all the time, but that's not true!

Take a look around our gym for instant. Our trainers...all completely different shapes, sizes and ages....but all of us come in different forms of "fit". So why is it that society has to plaster this image of "Fit" all over the magazines as one size and shape?

It's silly, society is silly. All we can do is look at ourselves and what we have become and say, "Hey, You look damn good today!" because even though, I'm not ripped, I still love my "fit" body.
So, What does "Fit" really look like?

"It means you train differently, think intelligently, respect powerfully, sensing a new strength in yourself that comes not from the desire to have a cutie booty but a strong one that can move when it has to, along with the rest of the magnificent machine called YOU."

Here is the great article, I got the quote from, take a read!
The Pornographication of Fitness Needs to Stop


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