Thursday, October 1, 2015


Fitness Fuel with Julia Jacobs
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Somedays I wake up and have tons of motivation ...other days I don't. But how can we deal with increasing our motivation on the days where it seems impossible to find any. 

 For a lot of people finding the motivation to get up and workout is impossible.
Here are some ways to increase that motivation
1.Don't put away your gear, make it visible.
2.Turn your commute into a workout, like biking or walking.
3.Get more workout clothes (This one is so me!)
4.Use social media, log your workouts, you may gain some cheerleaders.
5.Think about the benefits, for yourself and your family.
6. Make friends at the gym, whether it be in our awesome classes or just a workout buddy, they will hold you accountable.
7.Create a goal or exercise contest.
For more information, check out this article.…/habits-of-effective-exerc…/
So...What's your motivation?

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