Thursday, November 5, 2015

Start A Revolution...With Yourself

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So, This popped up on my Facebook today and I just had to watch it, and let me just say WOW. Not only can it be taken as likes on Facebook or Instagram, but the numbers we see on the scale.
This young lady puts it into perspective for not just teens, but for anyone who strives to be a better "number" or lived only by the compliments and comments of others. Since we stated posting these Fitness Fuels it's been all the same message, love you, for you, no matter what, and start a revolution.
This girl, has started a revolution, starting with my challenge to you, is to do that same. Maybe not all over Facebook or the Internet, but start with yourself. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself how beautiful you look. Look at yourself and think about everything YOU love about yourself, not what everyone else loves about you. Look at everything you've accomplished, your joy, your passion and tell yourself how freaking amazing you are!

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