Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Is Fit?

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As a child/teen, I always thought that in order to be "fit" you had to look ripped, skinny, 6 foot and where fitness clothes all the time, but that's not true!

Take a look around our gym for instant. Our trainers...all completely different shapes, sizes and ages....but all of us come in different forms of "fit". So why is it that society has to plaster this image of "Fit" all over the magazines as one size and shape?

It's silly, society is silly. All we can do is look at ourselves and what we have become and say, "Hey, You look damn good today!" because even though, I'm not ripped, I still love my "fit" body.
So, What does "Fit" really look like?

"It means you train differently, think intelligently, respect powerfully, sensing a new strength in yourself that comes not from the desire to have a cutie booty but a strong one that can move when it has to, along with the rest of the magnificent machine called YOU."

Here is the great article, I got the quote from, take a read!
The Pornographication of Fitness Needs to Stop


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Body Judgement

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In this day and age it's hard not to be self conscious, no matter your size. Too big, you don't exercise or eat right....too small, you starve yourself your too skinny. Why is it that no matter what we do people always judge?
My son recently started swimming lessons, at his age a parent goes in with him and everytime I've past it off to his father.
At first I kept telling myself it was because his dad can deal with him in a situation like that better than I can...I was trying to convince myself that, that was the reason, but it wasn't.
I am to scared to go to my sons swimming lessons in my two piece bathing suit, because I am too scared that someone will look at my body and judge me...but why? I'm healthy, I try to eat my best, my jobs are physical jobs, I am constantly presenting myself, but yet I can't put on my bathing suit and join my son for swimming lessons...That's not right!
So, I am going to brave up. This Saturday I will join my son in the pool for swimming my two piece bathing suit, and I will share that memory with him. I will show him, that no matter what, you can't be scared to show yourself for what you matter your size!
I hope those of you who struggle like I do, can do the same thing, for yourself and your friends and family. Show them that no matter what, you love yourself.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Age Does Not Equal Ability

Throughout my life, I have always had people doubt and judge me on my ability...

I started coaching skating at the age of 16, as soon as I could start. Before that I had skated since I was 5, moved up in the levels quick and was a program assistant for years! My coach was an amazing coach and a great mentor. When I started coaching, no one believed that I had the ability or the knowledge to be doing so since I was so young...

I am now 20, have a two year old child, I went to college for 2 years made the deans list, and got my Fitness Instructor and Personal Training certification. Over the years since I was 16, I have taken many skating courses as a coach and often times am I higher level than coaches that are a lot older than I am...but people still look at me as if my age has something to do with my ability...

What they don't see, is that I work hard. Constantly, at home, at the rink and in the gym. I work hard to be who I am, to know what I know, and to have ended up where I am today..

They don't see the endless hours at home that I research, prep, plan and organize so that I teach and coach to the best of my ability.... all they seem to see is a young mom who got lucky.

You don't get lucky. Luck isn't a thing, you have to work hard to get where you want to be, to follow your dreams, to become that person that you strive to be...

So, next time you look at someone and see a young adult, see the potential and the whole picture...not just there age...cause age is just a number...not an ability indicator.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Ups and Downs

My weeks are pretty similar in the sense of motivation and emotions;

Mondays: Full of energy, up early to work, work at home during the day, then coach

Tuesday: No energy, don't want to get out of bed (sleep in), got no motivation and get nothing done till I work at the gym at 5.

Wednesday: Pretty good energy, up early to work, work at home during the day, then coach

Thursday: Feel exhausted, get some work done, coach that night

Friday: Depends on the weekend and day, but usually pretty good energy until I relax for a bit, then I have none

Weekend: Depends on what's going on and how my family feels

What confuses me is that the days, when I have time and get a little more sleep, why I feel so exhausted and un motivated to do anything...

Some how, I need to figure out a way to keep my energy every day of the week so that I can get stuff done...but how do I do that?

I'm a "stay at home" mom, who works in the evenings and occasional mornings, where I bring my son to work, I love both my jobs and my life. My boyfriend, works nights, full time Sunday to Thursday nights, he drives over an hour to work and get around 3 hours of free time a day. I want to be able to keep things clean and organized so that I'm not the "lazy stay at home" mom...But for some reason, I can't seem to find that motivation anymore.

So, energy and motivation...Where are you and where did you go!?

Found this funny...maybe this is my problem!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Fitness Fuel with Julia Jacobs
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Somedays I wake up and have tons of motivation ...other days I don't. But how can we deal with increasing our motivation on the days where it seems impossible to find any. 

 For a lot of people finding the motivation to get up and workout is impossible.
Here are some ways to increase that motivation
1.Don't put away your gear, make it visible.
2.Turn your commute into a workout, like biking or walking.
3.Get more workout clothes (This one is so me!)
4.Use social media, log your workouts, you may gain some cheerleaders.
5.Think about the benefits, for yourself and your family.
6. Make friends at the gym, whether it be in our awesome classes or just a workout buddy, they will hold you accountable.
7.Create a goal or exercise contest.
For more information, check out this article.…/habits-of-effective-exerc…/
So...What's your motivation?