Monday, October 12, 2015

Ups and Downs

My weeks are pretty similar in the sense of motivation and emotions;

Mondays: Full of energy, up early to work, work at home during the day, then coach

Tuesday: No energy, don't want to get out of bed (sleep in), got no motivation and get nothing done till I work at the gym at 5.

Wednesday: Pretty good energy, up early to work, work at home during the day, then coach

Thursday: Feel exhausted, get some work done, coach that night

Friday: Depends on the weekend and day, but usually pretty good energy until I relax for a bit, then I have none

Weekend: Depends on what's going on and how my family feels

What confuses me is that the days, when I have time and get a little more sleep, why I feel so exhausted and un motivated to do anything...

Some how, I need to figure out a way to keep my energy every day of the week so that I can get stuff done...but how do I do that?

I'm a "stay at home" mom, who works in the evenings and occasional mornings, where I bring my son to work, I love both my jobs and my life. My boyfriend, works nights, full time Sunday to Thursday nights, he drives over an hour to work and get around 3 hours of free time a day. I want to be able to keep things clean and organized so that I'm not the "lazy stay at home" mom...But for some reason, I can't seem to find that motivation anymore.

So, energy and motivation...Where are you and where did you go!?

Found this funny...maybe this is my problem!

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