Thursday, December 30, 2010

That One Thing

So, You know that thing, that thing that you love to do. That thing that you would do anytime, anyplace, with anyone no matter what. Yeah, I love that thing. I have two of those things, one would happen to be figure skating and the other would be singing. What's yours? You know, these things, are the things that keep me sane sometimes. Whenever I'm upset, confused, stressed, or in any negative mood, I like to sing, or go out and skate. These things, make me happy, they are what I love to do. Everyone should at least have one, and if you don't I suggest you find one, because let me be the first to say, they are a life saver!  Everyone has there moments and sometimes you don't know how to deal with them. Some people like to think that having alone time is always the answer. Sure, being alone gives you time to think, but sometimes you just need to get up and go do the thing you love the most, cause I can guarantee you, by the time you are done, your mood will have changed. Plus, you mind will be clear, filled with positive thoughts, and you'll be ready to take on things. It's like having a break, or going to confession, it clears away the negative and brings in positive so that you can think more clearly. I love my things, figure skating and singing, they make me happy. I hope you have things you love to do too, if not my challenge to you is to go out and find something. 

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