Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So Far Away

I feel like I haven't written in forever! I've just been crazily busy, and when I do have time to actually sit on the computer it's not for very long. But that's beyond the point, It's March Break wooo! I love having breaks. Gives me time to relax, how about you? Aha, So Yeah, I'm hoping to get more writing in now, as much as I can, cause I love doing it.

So the other weekend I was driving down to Niagra Falls for a skating competition. Minding my own buisness headphones in my ears, blasting my music, looking out the window, I saw the something awesome. On the back of a car bumper there was a sticker, and that sticker said, "I Am Second." For thosse of you who don't know what that is; 1. You need to check it out and 2 You really need to check it out! They are 5 minute clips about inspirational stories invovling God. I love them! One of my favourites of Bailee, the little girl from 'Bridge To Teribithia'. Whenever you have time, check it out.

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