Saturday, November 6, 2010


We all have times when we wonder why we were born, what our purpose is. We've all been brought to this world, brought to life by one amazing indescribable, God. God brought us all onto this earth with a plan, for all of us. We were born because he wanted us. We are wanted, we are needed, we are loved, we are cared for, we have everything we need, everything we long for. We just tend to stop ourselves from believing. We stop ourselves from feeling them. We need to open up and allow ourselves to feel it, allow ourselves to believe it. We all have a purpose, we all have a reason. 

I really like this Youtube video, it touches on like everything. It makes you think, and makes you feel good. I like to listen to it just to allow myself to open up and feel that I'm wanted, needed, loved, cared for, and have a purpose. Take a listen to it. 

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