Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Alone

So, I have this guy friend, he's been having issues dealing with a bunch of thins. Yes, I know what your thinking, a guy! Confidence is an issue for everyone, even if you can't tell or notice it. My friend wants someone (a girl)  who will be there, care, and help him become more confident. The worst part of this is that because he wants someone so bad, he "falls" for girls quickly causing him more pain, hurt, and every time he becomes less confident. What he doesn't realize is that he doesn't need some girl to make him more confident, it's in him. All of this has caused so much crap in his life. All he needs to know is that people love him, and that he is amazing. He doesn't need some girl to be happy and confident. He need to realize that he is never alone. No one is ever alone. "Your not alone, there is more to this I know. You will make it out, you will live to tell." That's just an exert from a song called Your Not Alone by Soasin. It's a great song, take a listen. and realize, you are NEVER ALONE!


  1. Hey Sista,

    You are super wise and deep to be able to see into a mans heart too. Guys heart too and just ware it different than you girls.

    Keep it up, pour it out!

  2. Hye sis.. Blogwalking to Canada.. U've such a nice blog & thought..;)

    have a nice day!

  3. I love this, this encouraged me, as I started to search for men's 'love' after my dad abandoned me, at 12 years old, and I finally decided that I wasn't worth anything, and to stop looking for someone to love me....but I now really see at 17, that I am loved, I was just blind to it because I was in so much pain.....Thanks for posting this. God Bless you...